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Nov. 30thDo you support or oppose a new law in 2022 that will keep most booking mugshots in Oregon out of public view?view results
Nov. 26thDo you think the three Josephine County commissioners are deserving of a 5.5% raise?view results
Nov. 23rdDo you shop on Black Friday?view results
Nov. 19thDo you support or oppose a new city tax on construction that would generate revenue for affordable housing project grants?view results
Nov. 16thWill you be gathering with family members who are outside your immediate household during Thanksgiving this year?view results
Nov. 12thDo you support or oppose locating an urban campground somewhere inside the Grants Pass city limits in order to assist homeless people?view results
Nov. 9thHave you been unable to purchase a product recently because of supply chain problems?view results