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Jan. 18thIf it is proven that President Trump instructed his personal attorney to lie to Congress, should Trump be impeached?view results
Jan. 15thHow would you rate economic conditions in Grants Pass and Josephine County today?view results
Jan. 11thDo you believe illegal immigration issues at the U.S.-Mexico border warrant the declaration of a national emergency?view results
Jan. 8thWhat is your opinion on the proposal to lower Oregon's limit for driving under the influence of alcohol from 0.08 to 0.05 percent?view results
Jan. 4thWho do you believe will give in on border wall funding to end the partial government shutdown?view results
Jan. 2ndIf given a choice, which agency would you prefer manage a recreation site on the Provolt Seed Orchard property?view results
Dec. 27thDo you think the city of Grants Pass should loosen its restrictions on where camping is permitted?view results