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Last Update Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Barnstormers director Diane Nichols can sympathize with the characters in "The Rainmaker" who are terribly worried about the weather.

They're waiting for rain to end a drought. But she set her audition for the play on Jan. 3. It was not a propitious weather day as many will recall. Read More »

Time to celebrate Irish heritage with Irish Rovers
Get in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day — or just celebrate Irish heritage — with the Irish Rovers. Read More »

Quilts, First Friday, roses, art, horses and more all free (It's Free)
For "It's free!" the entertainment staff chooses a few events for the coming week that are free to attend. Read More »

RockRock out at Applegate Lodge
The Brad Parsons Band, fronted by the Portland singer-songwriter, plays a blend of psychedelic rock and Americana, Wednesday at the Applegate Lodge, 15100 Highway 238.  Read More »

Oregon Cultural Trust finishes 2016 with $4.55M in donations
Oregonians invested more than $4.55 million in the Oregon Cultural Trust in 2016, topping the $4.5 million mark for the second straight year. The funds will support cultural organizations across the state.  Read More »

Artists to see demo on charcoal designs Read More »

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