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Last Update Friday, November 27th, 2020

Josephine County's controversial "unsafe structures" ordinance, more than a year in the making, came to an abrupt end Wednesday.

Commissioners Dan DeYoung and Darin Fowler pulled the plug on the ordinance, which was slated Wednesday for its second and final reading. Commissioner Lily Morgan was absent. Read More »

Despite the pandemic, faith-based groups make sure the spirit of giving survives
MURPHY — Despite being on foot, Betty Rockwell had no issue waiting in line behind cars at Jubilation Fellowship for a drive-thru Thanksgiving meal. Read More »

City orders removal of portable toilet from Riverside Park encampment
A portable toilet set up Wednesday at the homeless tent camp at Riverside Park lasted three hours, as the city of Grants Pass had it removed. Read More »

New COVID-19 rules for county on Dec. 3
Local churches, restaurants, stores and gyms received some good news Wednesday when Gov. Kate Brown announced COVID-19 guidelines that will allow Josephine County to loosen restrictions beginning six days from now.  Read More »

Week's not over, but county sets new weekly mark for COVID-19 cases
The coronavirus was among the holiday visitors this week in Josephine County, where a new weekly high COVID-19 cases has already been reported. Read More »

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