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Last Update Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

The blasting boat engines, the fireworks' glare above the Rogue River, the party in the park and epic downtown parade — it must be Boatnik weekend.

The 61st edition of the biggest annual event in Grants Pass runs Thursday through Monday at Riverside Park, with the carnival kicking things off at 1 p.m. Thursday. Read More »

Pacifica Garden's outdoor school program is expanding, thanks to state funding boost
WILLIAMS — Measure 99, passed by voters in 2016, allows the use of lottery revenue to provide free outdoor school to Oregon students. At Pacifica Garden, it is beginning to make a difference. Read More »

Last year's fire season may have swayed voters
Rural voters in Josephine County's unprotected areas strongly signaled in Tuesday's special election that they are ready to move forward with creating a fire district. Support for a lodging tax, meanwhile, was a tossup. Read More »

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