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Last Update Sunday, May 20th, 2018

"Hup. Hup. Hup," yelled Nick Rodgers, hanging on to ropes attached to his Belgian workhorse Maggie, who strained up a hill pulling a several-hundred pound log.

"That's a lot of horsepower," said Vince Randall, Bureau of Land Management forester, overseeing logging of bug-infested trees at Cathedral Hills Park south of Grants Pass on Friday. Read More »

Cathedral Hills' main entrance should be avoided for now
The main entrance to Cathedral Hills Park, at the end of Espey Road south of Grants Pass, should be avoided completely until at least May 30 because of horse logging on the trails. Read More »

Merlin will be considering future of its park
MERLIN — Jim Yadon talked about not giving up on Merlin Community Park on Thursday as Breana Verser played with her children nearby at the park's playground. Read More »

World War II vet receives US Navy medals in the mail
Orlo Dean Winder — "O.D." to most — got a surprise package in his Grants Pass mailbox a couple weeks ago. Read More »

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