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Last Update Sunday, March 18th, 2018

It's no secret that Oregon leads the pack when it comes to the foodie movement. Following in the footsteps of beer, wine and coffee, Josephine County is now reaching the craft industry's final frontier — liquor.

Locally, two startups plus a Eugene-based company with an ambitious lineup of liqueurs and a strong connection to Grants Pass have taken root in Josephine County. Read More »

Community comes together to help hundreds of veterans at local event
The hundreds of veterans who showed up for the Stand-Up and Employment Fair on Friday could look for a job, grab some hot food, find out about health services and just hang out with fellow vets. Read More »

Painkiller lawsuit points to overprescribing opiates
Lawsuits alleging harm caused by overprescribing prescription painkillers aren't common, but they might be someday. Read More »

Painkiller overprescribing down in Jo County
For years, local medical providers have wrestled with issues surrounding their own role in setting the stage for opioid abuse by patients. Read More »

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