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Last Update Thursday, September 20th, 2018

MERLIN — There's a renegade pilot on the loose in the skies of Josephine County who, despite being confronted by airport management multiple times, refuses to stop flying and on Monday struggled to safely land his plane. Read More »

Board says county fair breaks even
Smoke from area wildfires likely kept some patrons and even a few vendors away, but Josephine County Fair gate receipts were better than last year and the annual event appears to have broken even. Read More »

Smoke takes its toll on sightseeing visits
Wildfire smoke strangled visits to national attractions in Southern Oregon such as the Rogue River, Crater Lake and the Oregon Caves this summer. Read More »

Third threat at local schools in two weeks
After the third arrest of a local student in two weeks for gun threats, police are stressing that these incidents are being taken seriously. Read More »

Jury convicts Copeland of murder in 2013 shooting
He said he didn't kill Juan Hernandez. A jury heard his testimony and said he did. The question now is whether Kevin Scott Copeland later killed somebody else — his girlfriend — and made that look like a suicide, too. Read More »

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