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Last Update Sunday, February 25th, 2024

The biggest problem facing Steam Distillery, which just turned 2 in December, is elbow room.

Occupying some of the historic 1902 building that was once home of the first brewery in Grants Pass, Steam's lineup of flavor-infused vodkas is doing so well that the ownership team is looking for a bigger space for the distillery side of the operation. Read More »

Race for Robinson's seat in the Oregon Senate now includes Democratic candidate
He may not think much of his chances, but Tracy Thompson is determined to give voters a choice. Read More »

More help for people waiting for addiction treatment
With long wait lists to get into residential addiction treatment across the state, the Grants Pass City Council gave the green light for OnTrack Rogue Valley to remodel buildings for emergency wait-list lodging plus an outpatient treatment clinic. Read More »

Remodeling project at Josephine County Courthouse adds upgrades, courtrooms
The Josephine County Courthouse turned 100 in 2016. Some parts of it are now much newer than other parts. Read More »

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