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Last Update Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Regarding Jennifer Phillippi's assertion that select cutting on their (Rough & Ready's) property on Rock Creek in Williams is not an option, I would ask how she arrived at that conclusion.

I think that her claim belies the truth that they can select cut, but don't choose to because it would be less profitable. Read More »

Enforce city code equally on all political yard signs
Selective enforcement? According to the Grants Pass Municipal Code 9.21.620, temporary political signs must be removed one week after the election. Read More »

Hate and intolerance has infected our country
I am not sure where my country went. I am not sure how hatred and bigotry were allowed to grow as malignant cancers in the minds and hearts of so many of our citizens. I read and watch the news stories of the destruction of the natural world and wonder: How could anyone in their right mind want to denude, degrade, demolish and kill the gifts which our planet unselfishly gives to us all? Fresh air, clean water, healthy soils, vibrant forests, life-giving oceans — we allow them all to be poisoned or destroyed in the name of progress? I will not point the finger at any one person, whether they are in the White House or a CEO of a major corporation. This sickness of hate and intolerance of diversity has festered for generations of exploitation, devastation, annihilation and narrow-mindedness. Its seeds were planted beneath the first bootprints on the shores of the East Coast, as colonists began their genocide against the Native Americans and all of nature. Read More »

Kicker refund will always be subjected to politics
I am responding to a letter in the May 19 edition of the Daily Courier headlined, "Where's the outrage over the kicker refund situation?" Read More »

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