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Last Update Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

I feel the real issue here is not what kind of ugly fence you have. Why have a fence rule at all? I respect everyone's right to be offended by any and everything around them. I do not, however, support ridiculous laws that protect and serve no one. Read More »

DeYoung's 'dog doo' plan doesn't pass smell test
County Commissioner Dan DeYoung has an interesting governing strategy. Apparently, he wants to move problems out of sight so he can rest at night thinking he solved them. A recent Daily Courier article reported that DeYoung doesn't think that certain types of people that he refers to as "dog doo" should be sitting on public benches in the shade outside his office window. Read More »

GOP fiddles while country burns because of Trump
Just within the past week, here are the highlights of what our president has accomplished: Read More »

Don't expect anyone in Salem to notice eclipse
In the Aug. 4 edition of the Daily Courier, 10 Oregon cities were listed as being in the path of totality during the eclipse: Lincoln City, Ontario, Newport, McMinnville, Corvallis, Albany, Salem, Madras, John Day and Baker City. Read More »

Public lands are at risk with Trump in charge
Two seemingly unrelated articles appeared in the Aug. 10 edition of the Daily Courier. The first told of the outrageous shooting of two wolves by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at the urging of area ranchers. With only 10 wolves in the Harl Butte pack, their deaths represent a significant loss. Still unsatisfied, the ranchers want all in the pack killed to protect their cattle, many grazing on public land. This represents an all-out assault on the 110 wolves making a comeback in a state that could easily accommodate 1,450. Read More »

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