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Last Update Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

I'm aware that health care is getting expensive and that the Republicans are wanting to do something about Medicare. So when I noticed a large sign on the Riverside Veterinary Clinic that read "Senior Health Care Month" for November, I began to wonder if this was the Trump administration's answer to both of these issues!


Grants Pass

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Signals from smart meters could be a tipping point
According to Mr. Musgrave (Letters, Nov. 8), we are bombarded daily with "signals" from a variety of natural and technological sources. One example given is "neutrinos from the sun." If neutrinos were harmful, would we not have died out as a species long ago? Electromagnetic radiation from technological sources, on the other hand, is a very recent phenomenon. Read More »

With so many shootings, why celebrate guns?
Congratulations for the impressive and outstanding special 12-page "Salute to Veterans" published in the Daily Courier on Nov. 11.  Read More »

America's political system is owned by the wealthy
Bill Clinton was hailed as "the president for the people," then deregulated the financial sector and destroyed the safety net many poor people relied on. And he bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq and Sudan. Read More »

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