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Last Update Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Patriotism is not politics. It is not one political party claiming to be better than another political party.

Patriotism is a strong, inner love for one's country. It is a deep conviction that one's country was founded on a solid rock and will withstand the winds and storms of time.

Patriotism is determination to support one's country to the end.

Patriotism is keeping alive the ideals set forth by one's fathers. Read More »

Vote 'yes' on the Rogue River Fire District levy
Please support your local fire and ambulance service with a "yes" vote on the November Rogue River Fire District local option levy. If approved, it will renew our local operational tax that expires in 2020-21. Voting "yes" will not increase the tax rate currently imposed by the district. This tax rate has been in effect and unchanged since 2000 and will remain the same through 2025. Read More »

Global cooling is known to most of us as winter
On the fire-ravaged West Coast, Trump assures officials there is no such thing as global warming and it will soon "cool down." That is called winter. Read More »

It sounds like Thiessen is going to incite riots
Re: Marc Thiessen, I cannot believe you would print "Joe Biden as president would usher in a dictatorship" the day after Trump said he would not leave office, and "forget the ballots." It sounds like Marc Thiessen is going to incite riots.  Read More »

Constitution, Bill of Rights make America great
In 1967, for a non-combat injury, I spent two months and 21 days in Madigan Army Hospital in Tacoma, Washington. Read More »

Taking notice of stories by the Daily Courier
We had just had a roundtable about the airport upgrades (Aug. 19 Daily Courier) and we were discussing Paradise Ranch along the side of the airstrip. Lo and behold, on the Aug. 25 Courier front page is a story about that property and some history. Read More »

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