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Last Update Friday, July 3rd, 2020

First, a little background. Since the $1.79 public safety levy was first passed in 2009, the following has happened: The city population has increased by 12.8% and the Consumer Price Index has gone up 19%. Revenue from the levy has increased 40.4%, and since the city claims a $900,000 shortfall, the need has increased by 61.2%. These figures came from the city's finance department. Read More »

Pipe Fork Creek crucial to valley's water needs
There is a single factor that unites all people, regardless of skin color, political party or religious affiliation. All of us share this most basic of necessities to sustain our lives: water. No one can live without it. Read More »

Good deed helps keep her faith in others strong
Thank you to whomever turned in my granddaughter's wallet that was left in a shopping cart at WinCo Foods on Monday. She works very hard for her money and could not afford to lose the tip money she was waiting to take to the bank. Read More »

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