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Last Update Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

The ancient Greek word xenia means "guest friendship" and is a command to care for traveling strangers, because anyone passing by, far from home, might be God. The word xenophobia comes from this word and means the opposite: to dislike those who are seen as "others." Read More »

Solving problems isn't Baertschiger's strong suit
One of the saddest things about the way our state senator, Herman Baertschiger, opposes any climate change policy is the fact that he is a logger. Why? As early as April 5, 2010, The Oregonian was reporting about a fungus that is decimating Douglas firs and has been tied to … global warming! One would think that Sen. Baertschiger would be concerned about his descendants inheriting a "sustainable" business. But he and his Republican colleagues instead headed for the hills, putting profits today before people tomorrow, blaming Democrats for trying to destroy the economy. Read More »

Bursting with pride after viewing president's speech
I wholeheartedly agree with Harry Theakston's July 11 letter expressing gratitude for Trump's speech on Independence Day paying tribute to our troops and celebrating America. Isn't this what presidents should do on a patriotic holiday? We watched the whole thing, and we were bursting with pride for our country after the speech. Read More »

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