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Last Update Friday, November 27th, 2020

Current discussion at City Council meetings and workshops gives me hope. I'm appreciative of concern for our homeless community members being kept in the content of meetings. Thank you to council members and compassionate community members and organizations for doing so.

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Observe the guidelines and see what happens
Now that Trump is leaving, there must be some way to harness this awful pandemic we're all facing. We gave Trump a chance, but it hasn't worked. Our governor believes that if enough of us wear masks, wash our hands, avoid crowds and keep safe distances, that the virus will slow down and we can actually flatten the curve. Read More »

A letter of gratitude brought tears to her eyes
Thank you, Yvette Ome (Letters, Nov. 25)! I am a 30-year Daily Courier employee, and your letter brought tears to my eyes. We take pride in our newspaper and our content. There are many precious pieces we do that just touch my heart: the Salute To Veterans section as you mentioned, and my all-time favorite, the recent piece about our pressmen "heroes," as I call them. Read More »

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