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Last Update Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

In response to the city's $1 million deal for Dollar Mountain:

I cannot see the justification of purchasing more than 400 acres with unknown added costs involved. In reviewing the Daily Courier's "Summer Adventures" guide dated May 2018, it states the city presently has 18 parks consisting of a total of more than 133 acres. The county has 19 parks listed. Read More »

We must be vigilant and teach our children well
Watching the video this week of that young man's smug face as he tried to intimidate a Native elder, I was reminded of the last day of the Josephine County Fair. Several teenage boys in MAGA hats harassed a senior volunteer at the Democratic Party's booth. She was so badly frightened, she summoned security and fled the fairgrounds. Read More »

Trump's doing a good job; why try to discredit him?
Maybe the Associated Press should not use BuzzFeed as a source for news. To splash lies about Trump in headlines does our country a disservice. Read More »

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