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Last Update Sunday, February 28th, 2021

I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly thank our county commissioners for their ongoing support of students in Josephine County. Not only are these leaders willing to invest monetarily in our local students through the allocation of funds for programs like Youth Pathways Partnership, but they have gone much further by engaging with our students, directly. Read More »

You sure you want to take someone's word for it?
"Stop the steal"? Let's say you are driving along the Rogue River on a warm summer day and you spot a rock outcropping on river's edge about 30 feet above the water that looks just ideal for a refreshing jump into the stream. You stop and walk over to it, but there you see a government-issue sign: "Danger! There are rocks just 2 feet below the surface," signed by the county sheriff, official seal and telephone number. So you drive on. Read More »

Trying to book a vaccine appointment is madness
I don't suppose it's news to anyone, but trying to get an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be quite the challenge. I spent hours on the phone and internet trying to connect with a provider of the vaccine. Seems no one has it. Read More »

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