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Last Update Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Recently, the Grants Pass City Council heard from Gene Merrill, program director of the newly formed community-wide Youth Pathways Partnership. The mission of this program is to provide work-based learning opportunities to students throughout our area schools in hopes of not only impacting our youth, but also having a positive long-term effect on our regional workforce and economy. Read More »

Grants Pass should be proud of its police officers
Our men in blue get so much bad publicity, but today I want to reverse that. On the morning of March 16, we were woken up by the doorbell. At our front door stood two young Grants Pass city police officers asking if they could come in. Read More »

Mandatory vaccinations impair individual liberty
The current government campaign to "vaccinate everyone" alarms me for many reasons. To say that devastating vaccine reactions occur statistically rarely is correct. To say that the government has the right to make the decision that an individual or family must assume that admittedly tiny risk of catastrophic reaction means that individual intelligence is sacrificed for the statistical goal. Read More »

Pacific Power takes us for a ride with smart meters
As usual, the only winner in the smart meter fiasco is Pacific Power. The Catch-22 turns out to be this: If you were environmentally concerned enough to have installed a photovoltaic panel solar array and are grid connected to Pacific Power, you can't opt out. Read More »

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