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Last Update Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

For 2018, "Impeach Trump" will be the platform of the Democratic Party. They feel that such a platform will get them back into control of the House.

If that happens and they do impeach Trump and are able to remove him from office, Mike Pence will become president. If something happens to Pence, the next person in line will be the Speaker of the House. Because the Democrats have taken back the House, Paul Ryan will be replaced. Read More »

A socialized medicine plan has never worked
Have you ever wondered why anyone would be in favor of dirty air or dirty water for their families? Why then do so many voters buy the nonsense that only Democrats want these things? Read More »

'Live Rogue' slogan just doesn't make any sense
To some the word "rogue" means wild and untamed but to many others it means something else. Merriam-Webster defines rogue as: Read More »

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