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Last Update Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Here’s how to get the most out of

Our User Guide can show you how to get the most out of our Web site and go beyond the Daily Courier’s print edition. Besides the latest local stories from the newspaper and breaking news you won’t find anywhere else, the guide details some of our site’s other top features.

Regular features

Tripcheck road cameras
Whether you're about to head out on a road trip or just want to see what the weather's like in the mountains,'s Trip Check page is for you. [details]

Classified Online Photos
Increase the selling power of your classified print ad by adding an online photo! [details]

Our online news and sports videos are among the most popular features on our site. [details]

Get email alerts by using our search agent
Keep up with the latest news on the people, organizations and subjects you’re most interested in. Online and print subscribers can tell us which words to search for and we’ll send them an email alert if they show up in any of our stories. [details]

Obituary search
Anyone can search our electronic archives for obituary listings, free of charge, going back to October of 1995. [details]

Check your stocks or mutual funds
Now it’s a snap to create and keep track of your portfolio of stocks and/or mutual funds with our easy-to-use stock tracker. [details]

Manage your account
Print subscribers get access to the entire site, but we understand that keeping track of your Username and Password can be a pain. By going to this page, you can create your own easy-to-remember Username and Password. [details]

Shopping deals
Get shopping deals from some of your favorite local stores. [details]

Open house guide
For anyone in the market for real estate, we update the Open House Guide every Friday with the coming weekend’s listings, including maps and directions to the houses. [details]

Local restaurant menus
Hungry? Check out our directory of local restaurants, complete with menus and maps to help locate each one. With the vast number of area restaurants in our guide, there’s something to suit nearly anyone’s tastes. [details]